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What is the difference between the First and the New Revised Edition?

The New Revised Edition is a more potent translation, benefiting from a much deeper understanding of Anastasia's intent, gained over the 3-year translation process by the translator John Woodsworth and editor Dr Leonid Sharashkin.

In this new edition the emotional impact and feeling content of the original Russian has been even more powerfully expressed for the English reader. The text of Book 1, Anastasia, has had over 500 subtle changes made to it – including the addition of more footnotes.

Here again Woodsworth's over 40 years experience working with Russian prose and poetry, and Sharashkin's native scholarly research and editing skills - really shine in this superb new translation - one which captures all of the subtle energy encoded in Anastasia's words and phrases to produce a "read" considered by some to be even better than the Russian original!

Why did the publisher change the covers?

The first edition covers were executed by renowned artist Alexander Razboinikov, who is among the top Russian nature painters living today. Razboinikov is also an entomologist who specializes in the study of butterflies as a symbol of the human soul. The publisher selected these images for their authenticity of feeling – especially the artist's obvious reverence for Nature.

Unfortunately people often judge a book by its cover. For example – many have assumed these books to be children's books or fantasy novels. The image of a “white” woman in a short dress was found to be offensive to some nationalities. Major international wholesalers said they would not distribute the books with these covers because the “Russian look and feel” suggested a story not necessarily appealing or applicable to Western readers. We even had readers complaining about the “sexualizing” of Anastasia in these images, and some even wanting to see her depicted in the nude! The list (as you might imagine ;-) goes on…

In summary, since the books contain such important and valuable information, relevant to readers everywhere in the world, the publisher has released the New Revised Edition in “new clothes”, with the hope that many more people will be able to enjoy these books.

An extraordinary amount of care and thought went into the preparation of this New Edition.

Because the energy encoded in these books has the power to deeply penetrate the psyche and awaken ancient memory – it was felt most desirable that the cover images should avoid setting up any pre-conceived images in the mind of a potential reader – ideas that might distract or prejudice the opportunity for this experience. The Original Edition covers suffer from this to a certain extent – with the illustrations depicting certain events from the story – and making it easy for a potential reader to assume that the books are just that – a “story” – when in fact they are actually “a life-changing experience” – and thereby possibly miss the much deeper message that they contain.

New cover images were created to reflect the powerful energy coursing through and enlivening all of Nature – something that Anastasia repeatedly says we urgently need to reconnect with. Each image was chosen for it's underlying symbolism related to the content of the particular book. These images were set against a black background to further make them visually “pop” – like sparkling stars against an inky black night sky.

And No! – black doesn't scare us – and the "dark forces" are not at work here! :-) Yes! Some people actually DO believe that the second edition was "captured by the dark forces"!!! We wonder what they do each night when the sun goes down, or when they see a black cat, car or crow - let alone how limited their wardrobes must be!! ;-) Given that the New Revised Edition has outsold the Collector's Edition by over 1000:1 - we think we "got the covers right" for the Western reader! But Hey! We still love Razboinikov's illustrations.

The New Revised Edition has been printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified papers - with vegetable (non-soy) inks. The soft flexible covers have a washable anti-scuff protective coating, and 4" return flaps, making them less prone to cover curl and edge damage. Consequently – given that these books are being read and re-read many times – and shared amongst many people – this stronger construction should prove much more robust.

Finally, there is a quote from Anastasia and a note about the symbolism of the cover image on the inside front flap, plus a brief “About the Ringing Cedars Series” on the inside rear flap and the back cover text conveys “a taste” of what awaits the reader in the book.

The New Revised Edition is available as a discounted full-set (9 volumes). Not only do we include one book for "free" (total price is for 8 volumes), but you pay just one shipping charge and can read on immediately as you finish each volume. You may of course order and read Book 1 on its own first, then pass it on if you decide to order the complete set - you'll get another copy of Book 1 ("free" - see above) so you won't be paying twice.

Stock of both editions is now severely limited. If you can't see the edtion you want try our sister site "downunder" here.

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